McAfee Antivirus is the best security software to protect your system from virus, Trojans, malware, ransomware, adware and online threats. This antivirus is widely used to keep your files, data and sensitive information safe and secure. If you have doubt that your device has been interrupted with virus or suspicious activity then scan it as soon as possible to detect the unwanted files and threats before they misuse your personal information and data. Through McAfee antivirus scanning, you can easily keep your system completely protected. If you want to get more about this antivirus then it is recommended to get connected with experts at McAfee Support UK. Here you will get all the answers to your queries.

Let’s have a look at the scanning procedure of McAfee antivirus on Windows 10:

It is very easy to conduct a scan on your computer:

  • First, right-click on the McAfee icon that appears in your system tray and then, select Check for Updates

Note: Always check for updates before you execute a scan to make sure that your anti-virus program can detect the latest threats and viruses.

  • When the updates finished, then right-click on the McAfee icon
  • Select Scan and then select the type o scan you wish to run such as:

Quick: Scans only the more susceptible parts of your computer for known threats

Full: Scans your whole computer for known threats

Customs: Allows you to manually select the folders, drivers and other locations you wish to scan

  • Once the scan completes then check the message for the details of the scan
  • In the end, click on OK

You can also choose the scanning option for performing it manually:

Once you choose Custom, you are no eligible to specify the following scan options by opening Customize Your Scan:

My PC- This option has a list of folders, files, and drivers which can be scanned. Select or deselect the items which you wish to ignore or scan

All threats- Use this option to scan for all types of threats thoroughly. You can narrow the threats list tp scan by the following option:

  • Unknown Viruses: This option is ideal to scan for potential and new viruses. It uses modern heuristic techniques that match to the unknown files to signatures of known threats or viruses, it provides the most thorough scan, but it is slower than a normal scan.
  • Spyware and Potential Threats: This option is perfect for detecting adware, spyware, dialers as well as other potentially unwanted applications. By default, this option is enabled for maximum protection.
  • Stealth Programs: Rootkits are those programs that modify existing Microsoft Windows system files to break out the detection. They consist of spyware as well as other stealth programs that might create additional privacy or security threats to your PC information as well as personal information.

All Types of Files– This option is ideal to thoroughly scan all files types. You can narrow this down by doing the following options:

  • Exclude ZIP and other compacted files: It is ideal to exclude scanning .zip and other compacted files
  • Only Programs and documents: Ideal to confine the scan to only those types of files Program and Documents to enhance the speed of scanning

These are the working procedure of McAfee Antivirus on Windows. You can enhance the performance of your device with this antivirus software. And if you are stuck in any trouble then, it is recommended to contact McAfee Customer Service UK to get connected with the technical experts for the exact and instant solution.