Kaspersky antivirus is one of the trusted security software programs that are effective in providing comprehensive protection to your device. It comes with outstanding features that protect your device from virus, malware and online threats and allows you to conduct a safe and secure online transaction. Apart from its features and performance, Kaspersky internet security comes with a Backup feature. Let’s talk about the Kaspersky Backup, what is it and how to use it?

The stored data on your system can be damaged or lost sometimes due to various problems or issues. For instance, due to virus infection, hardware or software issues or sometimes due to accidental removal. To protect yourself from losing or damaging the important information or data, we suggest you conduct a regular Kaspersky Backup. Especially for that, Kaspersky Lab masters suggest creating backup copies only of those folders and files that have come important information such as images, documents, video, files, and audio.

Backup tasks are created by using the Wizard. Select the following settings while creating a backup task:

  • Storage where backup copies will be created
  • Files for which backup copies will be created
  • Number of versions and the storage duration of backup copies
  • Backup task startup settings

For creating a backup task:

  • Open the Kaspersky Antivirus and then click on Backup and Restore
  • In the opened window, click on select the files to backup (backup task creation will begin)
  • In the Create backup copies files windows, choose the files to backup

Select one of the following categories of files:

All pictures and photos, movies and videos or music

All files from My Documents folder and from Desktop

  • Now create the backup copies of the files from the folders. Click on Next to go-ahead
  • Click on add folder and then select the folder to backup and then click ok and then Next
  • Select the storage in which the backup copies will be created and now click on Next
  • Choose the schedule for running the backup task (if you have selected a removable media as backup storage then select the checkbox “Run Backup when connecting the removable drive”)
  • Click on Next to proceed and copy the restore utility to the storage so that you can restore the files from it on a computer where Kaspersky is not available.
  • Set a password to protect the files in the backup storage and then click on Next
  • Now, you will need to choose desired storage settings
  • Specify the name of the task and then select or clear the checkbox “Run Backup upon wizard completion”
  • Click on next to confirm the task and wait for the creation of storage and then click on Finish. If you get any error then feel free to contact Kaspersky Support Number UK for instant help.

When the Wizard is finished, the created task will display in the Backup and Restore window and the backup process will begin.

Through these steps, you can easily create Kaspersky Backup and keeps your important files and data safe. It is advisable to attempt these steps very carefully to avoid any glitches. The Kaspersky Backup is specifically developed for restoring and backing up the Administration Server database.

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